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Step by step for Booking Ktm Train Malaysia Online

Step 1 - Search Your Trips & Choose Seat(s)


Select your Origin, Destination, Departure Date, Departure Time and etc. and  Click "Search for Train".


Show Train Route and Time. Please Select your desired trip.

you click " Select Seats/Berths". Botton

Choose your coach, then select your desired seat(s).



Demo. Choose Seats number 8D   and Click "  Continue " Botton.

Step 2 - Fill In Details & Pay

  1. Fill in the Meal available. Please select your meal plan.
  2. Double check the Journey & Payment Details.

**Detail for Totel price. and You Choose payment options.

Please Choose payment options.

Confirm Word Verification  and Click "  Pay Now " Botton.

Accept payment

MYR = Malaysian Ringgit (RM)    |    SGD = Singapore Dollar

You will come to Payment Page. Fill in all the necessary details and make your payment.
After payment done, Order Summary will be sent to your email automatically. (Within 24 hours)
You are required to show the Order Summary when boarding. (You may print it out or show through mobile phone)


- After Payment Finish.Please Check E-Mail :Your Order Summary from website

- Kindly print it out and use it to board the train at least 30 minutes before the boarding time.


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